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Sample-based Synthesizers

Who Am I?

Doctor Synth has been helping people fix their vintage ROMplers since 2001. If you change your battery and lose your sounds, contact Doctor Synth.



What are ROMplers?

ROMplers are synthesizers which use sampled waveforms as the basis for sound creation, rather than generating waveforms on the fly. They are the most popular form of synthesizer, as they are able to reproduce the sound of traditional instruments as well as make otherworldly sounds that may have never been heard before.


Where can I buy ROMplers?

ROMplers are available at almost all musical instrument retailers, and on sites like Craigslist and Ebay.

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Synth Sounds for Sale

If you need help restoring your synthesizer sounds after changing a dead battery, buy a Vintage Synth Rescue Kit from

Synthesizers on Tour

Here's a list of the synthesizers I'm bringing to Knobcon.

FREE ROMpler Ringtones!

What's better than a bunch of Vintage ROMpler demonstration songs? Vintage ROMpler Ringtones!

For the children!

Doctor Synth gives synthesizer presentations to K-12 students across greater Chicagoland. Help kids develop a love for music technology.

Doctor Synth's Synthesizer Music

Here are some songs I have recorded on SoundCloud

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