Doctor Synth has brought *35* vintage ROMplers to Knobcon this year. To make transportation easier, they're all rack-mounted modules which will be playable through Alesis USB MIDI controller keyboards. Here's a list of what is available for attendees to play:

Rack 1

Station 1
Emu Proteus 1XR Pop/Rock
Emu Proteus 2 Orchestral
Emu Proteus 3 World
Emu Orbit The Dance Planet
Emu Planet Phatt the Swing System

Rack 2

Station 2
Korg M3R
Korg 03R/W
Triton Rack w/ 8 expansion ROMs
Korg NX5R
Korg X5DR
Korg 01R/W
Korg X3R
Korg Wavestation A/D

Station 3
Roland D-110
Roland U-110
Roland U-220
Roland JV-880
Roland XV-5050
Kawai K4R (the Poor Man's D-50)
Roland JV-1080 w/ 1 expansion ROM
Roland JV-2080 w/ 5 expansion ROMs

Rack 3

Station 4
Yamaha FB01 (FM synth NOT a ROMpler)
Yamaha TX1P
Yamaha TG55
Yamaha TG500
Yamaha Motif Rack
Kurzweil K2000RS w/ 2 expansion ROMs
Kurzweil K2500RS w/ 2 expansion ROMs

Station 5
Kawai K1r
Alesis S4
Alesis QSR
Ensoniq SQR
Peavey Spectrum Organ
Korg M3 Desktop

Doctor Synth's synthesizers are maintained by ICM Corporation in Orland Park, IL.